Top Gun Motorcycle School of Houston


Dave's Top Priority as an Instructor

To me, having a passion about something, means that you love "it" above other things. My passions (in priority) are my relationship with God, my wife Michelle and my sons, followed by relationships with family and friends...THEN MOTORCYCLES! (Side Note: If you are a person that feels that your motorcycle is your first priory, then may I suggest that you re-evaluate what really IS important in life and find your own personal balance.) Because motorcycles rank highest in the list of "things" that assist in life's pleasures and help me to feel FULLY ALIVE (following the relationships stated earlier), I have engaged my energy in that which improves this quality of life. I wanted to enhance my skills and abilities (to enjoy it more) and longevity (to live longer doing it), so, this Life Coach became a motorcycle instructor, and the two fit like hand-in-glove.


If you are looking for an instructor that teaches top-notch skills and techniques, while balancing that with all of life's priorities...then look no further.  If you only want to learn to ride a bike, or just qualify for your license, then I suggest you look elsewhere. You will pay more taking my class...but you will also GET MORE from it.

What Is Top Gun Motorcycle School?

This is a Riding School (Not a M.S.F. Safety Course), which is privately owned and operated, teaching all the skills and techniques necessary to ride and control a street bike with confidence. Our focus is to teach you how to become a more confident and skilled rider. First-time and experienced riders will learn how to avoid panic braking, proper head and eye placement, surface appraisal, sharp turns, evasive maneuvers and other bike basics. Whatever level you may be at, you will come away with new skills, techniques and knowledge that will make you a more proficient rider.


How Did Top Gun Motorcycle School Begin?

The founder, Wells Cornette, is a motorcycle officer in Opelousas, Louisiana and is a 1st place winner of the 2003 Gulf Coast National Skills Championship on the expert level. He has completed the Northwestern Traffic Institute/Harley Davidson Police Motorcycle Instructor School, as well as RPM Racing School.


Top Gun Motorcycle School of Louisiana was foundedin 1999 after a fellow officer and friend (of the founder), Chad Elkins, died in the line of duty while escorting a funeral procession when a car turned in front of him. Elkins hit the vehicle broadside and sustained fatal head trauma despite proper use of a helmet and other safety regulations.

Top Gun Motorcycle School of Houston was based off many of the experiences, specialized training, and schools Wells and Dave have attended including the M.S.F. Rider's Edge Course. Our objective is to take the best of the schools and provide the most precise, one-day, hands-on, personalized instruction, riding skills and techniques school anywhere.

Why is Professional Training Needed?

Statistics show that 92% of motorcycle accidents occur at relatively slow speeds (Under 40 MPH) and in most single vehicle accidents (64%) the motorcycle operator was the cause.  Further studies found that fewer riders involved in motorcycle accidents were trained through courses (5%), those trained by professionals (2%). The majority were self taught (49%) or taught by family or friends (42%). In those cases where collision avoidance action was taken, 24% of the evasive actions were properly executed (76% were not).32% of the riders took no evasive action at all.Skidding from over braking was the most common execution problem, which resulted in loss of control of the motorcycle. Improper braking still continues to outrank the carelessness of other drivers as the No. 1 cause of motorcycle accidents. That's because most riders never learned the proper technique.

Two leading causes of fatal crashes: 1) Loss of control due to improper braking, 2) Failure to negotiate curves. SO, in an emergency situation if you have been professionally trained, you will resort back to your training. If you have NO TRAINING, what will YOU DO...Panic or stay in control of your motorcycle? Your commitment to LIVE and safely operating your motorcycle is where it all begins.

Do I believe in training?  Honestly, not until MY OWN skidding-crash into the rear of a vehicle at 40 MPH in 1998. Now I'm a believer and professional instructor! Take the could save your life!

My Own Story...

As an experienced rider, I ATTENDED Top Gun Motorcycle School thinking that I knew most everything about riding on the streets. After all, I've even ridden the famous Deal's Gap (318 curves in 11 miles). But I realized I didn't know it all and in fact, I'm still learning and always looking at improving my riding skills. After learning the C.T.B. Technique in the school, I no longer have to put a foot down on slow parking lot speeds, or when making tight U-turns anymore. Even high-speed curves are so much more stable. 

What Skills & Techniques will you learn?

Clutch Manipulation            Body Position                Throttle Control

C.T.B. Technique                Brake Application           Emergency Stopping

Curve Negotiation                Evasive Maneuvers         Head & Eye Placement

Balance Techniques            Peripheral Vision            Wheel Tracking

Friction Zone                       Clutch Loading               Surface Appraisal

Sharp Cornering                  Tight U-Turns                  Riding Two-Up

Avoiding Unaware Pitfalls     ...and more!


Top Gun Motorcycle School Special Features: 

  • Private One-on-One & Personalized Training
  • One-Day Courses (Beginner and Advanced)
  • Instructor Works at Student's Pace
  • Larger Training Bike*
  • Flexible School Schedule

Our Riding Courses & Prices:

  • BASIC COURSE: Recommended for those with little or no riding experience. This is a one-day, PRIVATE class, so you and the instructor will work at YOUR pace. Cost: $500, Top Gun will provide the bike. Cost: $400, If you provide your own bike.
  • ADVANCED COURSE: Recommended for those who have some riding experience. Use of your own bike is suggested. The full C.T.B. Technique is introduced at this level. This is a one-day, PRIVATE class, so you and the instructor will work at YOUR pace. Cost: $500, Top Gun will provide the bike. Cost: $400, If you provide your own bike.
  • GROUP/CLUB ADVANCED COURSE: This course is the same as the Advanced Course, but taught in a group or club setting of 2 to 3 riders at $275 per rider or 4 to 5 riders at $200 per rider. (Only one training bike is available for an addtitional $100 for that rider.)

*OUR TRAINING BIKE: We use a larger motorcycle (750cc), which is more comfortable fitting for all sized people, and closer to what riders would actually buy for use on the streets. So, it's perfect for those with little or no riding experience, short, tall, small or large riders (Other courses mostly use 250cc or 500cc bikes).

SCHOOL HOURS: One-day, hands-on, at-site instruction saves valuable time, which is an asset to our students who can not take a 3-5 day class elsewhere. Course times and dates are flexible to meet the student's special scheduling needs (weekend or weekdays are available).


  • Use of our training bike for motorcycle license riding exam. ($100 per hour)
  • Consulting Services on bike and equipment purchases. (Includes going with you to various bike shops in the area.) ($25 per hour)
  • Half day or full day of street training and observation riding on our training bike or your bike after you have attained your motorcycle permit or license. ($100 per hour on our bike or $75 per hour on your bike)



Call Dave at 832.233.2665 or email to schedule your training or if you have questions about the course.

Motorcycle Operator's Manual as presented by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Wells Cornette, Founder of Top Gun Motorcycle School of Louisiana's website is 


“Thanks Dave for the "Top Gun" School, I know for a fact that I am a safer, more confident and better rider than ever before. There are maneuvers and moves on my bike that I would never have been able to accomplish without your instruction, not to mention that I am a MUCH safer rider”  ~ Mike and Pam A.
"I have used the skills you showed and reminded us of several times since that day. And taking your class in the rain definitely boosted my confidence. Thanks for the “gift” that may save my life one day.” ~ Doyle “Crow” B.


“Extremely fun & instructional class. Reinforced skills that should be used at all times. Taught new skills I will now use every time I ride.” ~ David T.


"Thank you for giving us your time and expertise. I am a more confident & skilled rider because of you." ~ Nathan


“I truly appreciate the time you took out for each and everyone. I surely learned a lot, thank you & God Bless you.” ~ Shane D.

"I am the president of Christian Riders OPineville located in Pineville, LA. We had Dave Anderson, with Top Gun Motorcycle School, give us an advanced training class for our club. I thought it would be a good idea to give our guys the opportunity to have some formal training together so that when we go on rides we would all be thinking the same way. Safety is always our first priority. Little did I know what an impact it would have on our club. We have guys who have anywhere from just a couple of years experience to over 50 years of riding experience. I even had a couple of guys who thought they didn’t need it, but would just take the class because the others were doing it.

Each and every one of them was so amazed at how much more they could learn about riding their motorcycle. It’s not rocket science, but if you are shown some techniques that you were not aware of before, you can improve your performance drastically. The other major factor is how much more confidence we ride with now, even in bad weather conditions. I had at least 4 of my members tell me that this training saved their life in the past several months. Keeping your cool when an emergency situation arises, because you were trained for it, will save your life or the life of your buddy riding close to you. You will learn that your bike will handle things better than you ever thought it could. Not only is Dave knowledgeable about what he is teaching, but he has such a unique way of making everyone feel comfortable even in their struggles as they work on improving their riding abilities.  

highly recommend taking a training course with Dave Anderson." ~ Darryll Martin, Club President

“I attended a Top Gun Motorcycle Riding class Dave gave to our Motorcycle Club, CROP (Christian Riders of Pineville) last spring and it has given me greater confidence in my riding.  The day we took the class it was during a severe Thunder storm which lasted about 30 minutes and then it rained the rest of the day.  Dave taught the class in the rain and I’m glad he did. I was able to safely take the bike to its limits and gain a great confidence for riding in the rain and understand the bikes limitations.  I was surprised that I could do all the maneuvers in the rain and the bike did not slip once. The CTB (Clutch, Throttle Brake) exercises gave me greater ability to control the bike at slower speeds.  Since taking the class, I can safely say that the training has saved me from a serious accident more than once in this past year.  I have logged over 10,000 miles since the class and I look forward to a refresher class!  This class has improved my riding skills, cornering and made my riding experience richer!  Thanks Dave!” Rich Carlisle, Road Captain CROP